Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Life Worth Living

I am a big believer in the littlest things sometimes having the biggest impact. Case in point: I went to an audition today. I was feeling kinda blah and had trouble finding the place. I was also nervous and unsure of myself. I'm still kinda new at all this, ya know...Anyway, the lady who took my picture before I went into the room to do my thing did the simplest thing and had the hugest impact on my state of mind: she complimented me. I asked her if she would like me to smile or not...she said it was up to me. I pasted one on, hoping maybe it might lighten my mood. She said it was a lovely smile. It became a genuine smile. And she responded, "Wow. That's even more lovely. You get lovelier and lovelier, the longer you stand there." Thank you, picture-taking lady. You made my day :-)

After my audition, the director said that my reading had felt honest; that she had gotten the sense that we were at Tim Horton's having a chat and I was telling her about some asshole who had screwed me over... I hope that is a good thing!

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