Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Night Update

I have finally made the move to try subbing in central during the week and so I'm currently residing with the parents again....well, until Friday when I go back to my own residence for the weekend and decide what to do for the following week. So far there have been no calls, but I just got here tonight and was told that I'd be added to the list today so I guess that means tomorrow is the first day I could potentially expect a call. We shall see what happens...I am thinking I had best get myself prepared to go to work just in case.

My second national TV appearance (insignificant though it may be) is set to air tomorrow night (I'll be in the background on R.O.D, if you haven't guessed) and I will be singing with my choir on Saturday, provided I can make it back to town in time for the dress rehearsal Friday night.

The 34 year old has moved to the front of the dating candidates pack. I'm not sure when I will be meeting him, but I'm hoping it will be in the near future (which he has also said...but he has yet to ask me and I'll be damned if I ask him first). I think it's important to find out whether there is any attraction/chemistry/interest in person before too long rather than converse indefinitely and have no idea...that makes it a little pointless and false in my opinion, as you can't fake or force that stuff - it's either there or it isn't. We do seem to be in agreement on a lot of things that would make him a good candidate to possibly build something meaningful with, but that's all very much dependent on what happens (or doesn't happen) after we've met.

...and that's my life in a nutshell this evening, as far as I can tell...

Friday, March 25, 2011


The Book of Awesome recently caught my attention at Chapters. I thought it was a great idea and so decided to follow it up online by visiting 1000 Awesome Things . In honor of that, I give to you my own short list of today's awesomeness for me off the top of my head (in no particular order):

1. It's a snow day! YAY!
2. The way my mother always leaves me voicemail messages in a singsong voice.
3. People have been talking positively and asking about me in a professional context. Awesome.
4. I am living in the same city as my best friends and my brother. What could be better than that???
5. I am looking forward to attending two parties tomorrow night. Sweet...
6. The Caramilk egg I had for dessert after lunch. YUM.
7. Shovelling after writing this will provide me with exercise for today. Bonus.
8. Yoga and a bath after shovelling would be most excellent. We shall see if I can make that happen...
9. I have the best cousin in the world who has a way of taking self-imposed pressure off of me. I love her so much for understanding and being able to do that.
10. I'm happy...which is always awesome :-)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rays of Light

On the work front:

So ever since I made up my mind to go to Central the calls have been picking up. A case of "God helps those who help themselves," perhaps? I have my new criminal record check all ready to go, anyway, so I guess I just continue to play it by ear. It's still sporadic and it's hard to be in limbo from day to day, but at least the situation has improved. I actually made up my mind to go home last Monday and ended up getting 4 days of work that week and then this week I was all set to go again but got a call Sunday night, which led into work on Tuesday and Wednesday as well. Two of those were half days, however, so I guess really it only counts as 2 days of work. Better than back in the fall, but perhaps still not good enough to warrant sticking it out for the time being when I could maybe be getting 3-4 days every week....MAYBE. It's a shame none of it can be predicted, though. One never knows when another teacher will be away or whether they'll be called to fill in for him/her during that absence. And my mother just informed me that a couple of principals out in Central have been inquiring about me again...sigh...I just keep my fingers crossed and say a little prayer every night for someone/something to guide me and help me figure out what to do.

On the latest hurt front:

I think I am getting there in regard to moving past the cheating bastard...for real this time. I just needed some more time to process and wrap my head around a few things, adjust my thought patterns toward the situation, and let go of the missing and the associated feelings. He doesn't occupy my mind so much and I don't miss him as much and I don't torture myself so much with "what if" scenarios. So weird how we do that to ourselves. Even after we've decided it isn't right for us, we have moments of weakness when those thoughts creep back in and hold our minds and hearts hostage. I just keep reminding myself that he does not deserve a moment of my time or energy - whether he's aware of having it or not - and that even if his girlfriend did buy whatever bullshit he fed her, at some point she will have to face the truth and will probably be kicking herself for staying. Much as he obviously wasn't into me in an honest, I'm-free-and-want-to-get-to-know-you-and-give-this-a-shot sense, he's also not into her if he could do what he did. Which, even though I know he is not worthy of me anyway, makes me feel better for some reason.

On the dating front:

There are a few new prospects on the horizon...leading the pack are a 34 year old, a 31 year old and a - GASP! - 24 year old?!?! How did THAT happen??? I have yet to meet any of them, but have been conversing with each of them and trying to get a feel for their personalities and a sense of whether or not there are many commonalities. I've also turned down a few invites to dinners and coffees from other men for various reasons...although as I'm typing this I'm wondering if I should perhaps reconsider on one of those...I wonder if it's too late? Hmm...

...Back to the current top 3 jockeying for position, though...it's so odd how fleeting and fickle the whole online thing can be. The littlest things can make an impact one way or another and conversations spark and dwindle, and reignite in some cases, in such an unpredictable way. Sorry...just pondering that one out loud...or onscreen, as the case may be. Anyway, the 34 year old is probably most interesting to me at this particular point in time, but the 31 year old is most attentive and the 24 year old is just downright sweet. I would normally not even consider someone so young in a potentially romantic light, but after a week of chatting he screwed up the courage to ask me about it...

In all honesty, I met a 25 year old back in the fall and afterwards told myself, "Never again." It just felt so weird to me. Same deal with the 43 year old I also met back in the fall. They kind of pushed the limits of my comfort zone in terms of age range of romantic interests, and neither of them made a very positive impression on me (although in retrospect this was probably more due to a lack of chemistry and/or attraction than their respective ages. I'm sure I would have been more forgiving and willing to look past that if the maturity was there in the 25 year old or the attraction was there with the 43 year old)...so I've been more careful when deciding whether or not to meet guys close to those ages. Most times I've shied away, but there were a few 26 year olds I was willing to give a chance. Then again, when I first looked at online dating, I wasn't even going to consider 28 and 29 year olds. It was 30 and up and even 30 was pushing it.

I guess you could say I've reevaluated my concept of a comfortable and acceptable age range to date several times in the past year. However, at this point, more and more, I'm of the opinion that it depends on the person in question. I know, I know, it's a no-brainer. It's easy to generalize though, especially with the younger guys - and I really am more hesitant to meet them because of it - but the truth is, there are older guys who are still into the same things and behaving the same way. SO, while I don't plan on dating any 20 year olds anytime in the foreseeable future, I'm thinking 24 may not be that bad as long as the 24 year old in question is on the same page as I am. My mother met my stepfather when he was 25ish and she was in her early 30s and they have been together ever since. So, despite my skepticism, I know it is possible to connect with someone younger. Likewise, I have a friend who is 30 and with a 42 year old and happier than she's ever been...but that side of things in relation to myself weirds me out even more because that's just too close to my stepfather's age. So yeah, while I tend to avoid those situations, I'm not closing myself off to the possibility entirely...while my Mr. Right would ideally be between 26-36 at this point in the reevaluation process, I wouldn't want to overlook him due to self-imposed age restrictions. Which brings us back to the no-brainer...if someone intrigues me and I feel the potential for a good connection, I owe it to myself to explore it. Wouldn't you agree?

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I am very much aware of my aloneness today. I've been feeling spacey and out of sorts...lonely...and disappointed at the lack of anything remotely exciting this weekend. But that's it I suppose. Not that I was fit to do anything yesterday anyway with how exhausted I was. However, at times like these I feel the need to make more single friends at the very least. It's like there's a hole in my life or something. I feel empty inside, yet not. It's so hard to explain. I guess part of me never stopped fighting acceptance of that aspect of singleness...that there will be times when I will be sitting at home bored and restless and have no one around but me to keep myself from going insane. And in a way I have come to terms with it. I'm comfortable with being home alone...although I'd rather have been out having fun tonight. Ah well, there's always next weekend I guess...Welcome to being an adult, right?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Recommended Reading for Single Girls

After talking to several different guy friends and my darling brother off and on over the past year (using them as sounding boards, if you will), I noticed there was very much a common theme in a lot of what they were telling me...and it was not what the average guy would want you to know or even admit to. It allowed me to look at things in a different light and I'm very glad they helped refresh my understanding of the male brain and open my eyes to some realizations that had never fully computed prior to now. It also inspired me to enrich my library with some new reading material that seemed to be in agreement with their words of wisdom but perhaps a little more in depth and eloquently put - besides, it never hurts to have that stuff in writing so you can remind yourself (or smack yourself in the head or whatever) whenever the occasion requires. So, without further ado, I pass this knowledge on to you (ESPECIALLY if you don't have any guys in your life brave enough to be straight and candid with you when you go looking for their opinions/advice).

If you, my single sisters, are tired of the crap and willing to learn and be enlightened, do yourselves a favour - get these and make them your Bibles:

Why Men Love Bitches


Why Men Marry Bitches (I think I mentioned these previously in a post somewhere)


He's Just Not That Into You

I will, of course, add to the list at a later date if I discover others I would consider essential guides for single women everywhere...

Reminders of Age

Happy belated St. Paddy's Day! I celebrated by heading downtown with one of my girls. We had plenty reason to celebrate too, since it was her birthday earlier in the week and it was also the anniversary of my coming home. Couldn't very well let all that pass by unacknowledged, now could we? Anyway, cover was outrageous at the Irish bars and they were packed, but overall it was a pretty good night. What was not so good was the headache I was contending with in the wee hours of the morning or the tiredness I have been combating all day. Brutal. I have seriously been feeling half dead the since my eyes opened this morning. Yep, I am most definitely not 20 anymore! I cannot believe there was a time when I was such a trooper that I could hit George 5 nights a week and still be functional. Wow, to have that kind of resilience now! The good news is, some Starbucks and a bath seem to have me feeling at least semi-human again...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan Tsunami 2011

I'm blown away by these videos. Wow. Just wow. And not in a good way...the devastation is just too big for words.

A Year of Singledom

While the 22nd of February marked a year of being single for me, tomorrow marks a year since I got on the plane to fly home. So I figured now is as good a time as any to sum up the events and accomplishments of re-learning how to be single, re-adjusting to life in Newfoundland, and growing and adapting in general. So, in no particular order, here they are:

1. I chose my own apartment for the first time and learned how to live alone for the first time
2. I picked out and purchased furniture for myself for the first time
3. I got comfortable driving in a city (albeit a small one) and on the highway solo
4. I started hiking and doing yoga again
5. I lost somewhere in the vicinity of 20-25 pounds
6. I started what I hope will eventually become a novel (which has been on the back burner for months and I should probably get back to at some point)
7. I dog sat and cat sat for the first time
8. I learned how to market myself better professionally and got better at meeting people personally and professionally
9. I gave it a shot with an old flame
10. I threw my hat into the online dating arena and met and dated a few different men
11. I busted a cheater
12. I started tutoring
13. I auditioned for and joined a new choir
14. I began volunteering on the local theatre scene
15. I made some new friends and made amends with or distanced myself from some old ones
16. I got used to being able to visit friends and family on the spur of the moment again, which is awesome
17. I played a background extra on Republic of Doyle, which was fun
18. I got reacquainted with George Street and was able to somewhat re-live the good ole days (but with better sense)
19. I re-learned how to play pool (and I'm still not very good at it)
20. I got used to shoveling myself out of my apartment and driveway

AND, most importantly:

I got smarter, stronger, and more confident in general, more attuned to myself and my senses, and my vision learned to see even more shades of grey between the black and the white. I also came to terms with the fact that I cannot save/rescue everyone else and that in order to function and be OK myself I have to create space, a buffer zone if you will, between myself and other people's problems sometimes...and that that doesn't mean I don't care and am not willing to listen and help in any way that I can, but that I can no longer carry the weight of the world on my shoulders (figuratively speaking, of course), as I was always so apt to do.

Yup, all in all it's been a pretty eventful and productive year :-) I leave you with an inspirational cheezy video from my late teenage years/early 20s...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Before and After of Japan in Aerial Photos

Like so many others, my thoughts and prayers have recently been encompassing the people affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. A friend of mine posted this link on facebook. I thought it was worth sharing here. The devastation evident in these photographs is just incredible. It's so hard to wrap your head around something like that when you're physically so far away from it...

Another One Bites The Dust

The conversation with the previously mentioned 26 year old died off pretty quickly. I am becoming very adept at scaring males away...probably a good thing, in retrospect. However, I've come to the conclusion that if they spook that easily it's best for it to happen early on...and that if tiny little things do the trick in getting rid of them they were never right for me or worth the effort anyway. Seems to be a valid argument, right?

Once again, though, within a day or two about a half dozen or more other prospects had cropped up to take his place. Yes - I'm becoming active on the dating site again, in case you were wondering. Whether or not any of them pan out, only time will tell. I'm guessing out of the newbies I'll maybe meet one or two and the rest won't go any further than chatting...some of which will probably also be short-lived. Interesting how we connect with some people and not others...and how we can know this almost instantaneously in some cases. It's magical, really...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Inconsequential Hurts

Who am I kidding? I'm not over it. I am not cold and heartless. I want to be strong. I want to say that I could care less that I'll probably never see or hear from the cheater again. And part of me wants it that way and knows that's what's best...and that dealing with this now is much better than the pain I would be feeling if I had continued seeing him and gotten closer to him. Of course I know that. But it doesn't stop the fact that I miss him. Even though I know he wasn't who I thought he was. Even though I know I did the right thing and that he didn't give a rat's ass about me, which cuts me to the quick sometimes if I'm honest. I miss him. I miss talking to him and laughing with him. I miss his eyes, his voice, his scent, his touch, his smile and his kisses. I miss his arms around me. It is so hard to admit that because at the same time, I look at the reality of the situation and I am disgusted with myself for feeling that way. The time we spent together, perfect as it was, was a total illusion. How can someone come across so genuine and innocent and be doing something so deceitful the whole time? How can any part of me be mourning the loss of someone like that? I wonder how it all was for him. I wonder if he's even given me so much as a passing thought and whether he's considered contacting me, if only to say goodbye. I don't like this feeling of weakness...but I also know these moments are fleeting and will pass. I guess on the upside, at least they show me that despite everything I am not yet totally bitter and jaded. Soon enough, this won't matter to me at all.

In the meantime, I put all that in perspective by looking at what's been going on in the world in the past 24 hours and it seems silly to even put the time into writing about it. There are far bigger things to worry about than being disappointed by wanting something that was never going to materialize anyway. I'm alive. I'm safe. I'm warm and clothed and fed and have a roof over my head, for starters. Any complaints or hurts seem rather trivial in comparison to not having those needs met. And I don't want to be a whiner. Besides, I'm sure it's just karma's way of keeping me free for bigger and better things. And just like that things don't seem so bad anymore...fleeting moment of weakness conquered. One step at a time, right?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Unexpected Gifts

It really is the little things that make everything all better...

I went to bed last night hating the fact that I was missing he who has been dubbed the cheating bastard, even though I know he's not worth it. This morning, a friend sent me an incredibly beautiful and inspirational message in response to that news to remind me not to dwell on things...to accept them for what they are and find something within them to be thankful for anyway. He made me smile and lifted my spirits.

After lunch, a 7 year old non-verbal autistic boy I worked with for a half an hour about a month ago while subbing (and who doesn't usually take to anyone, I'm told) saw me walking into his school. He took my hand, kissed it, put his arms around me, pulled me down and kissed my cheek. It was precious...and it made my day.

A little boy in the class I was subbing in today who excitedly informed me that The Bachelor is choosing someone soon. I was a little taken aback and asked him if he watched the show (I don't). He informed me that his mom does and he had heard her mention it. Something about that struck me as incredibly amusing.

I held those moments in my mind and drove home smiling. The tiniest moments make the biggest and best gifts when we remember to appreciate and be thankful for them...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Easy Come, Easy Go

The good guy did, indeed, get spooked. We met for coffee and he fed me a line about not really having time for anyone right now and wanting to let me know that I can go ahead and explore my other options instead of waiting for something from him that may not be coming. Oh boy. Where to start? First off, while that may be plausible, he was making all kinds of time to try and see me so I know I scared him and that's what spurred this. Secondly, he did go about it in a very mature, considerate, and admirable way and I respect and appreciate that. And thirdly, whoeverl said I was going to stop being open to meeting other people while waiting around for something from him? I think I've already learned my lesson there tenfold!

I'm also glad to report that my resiliency has apparently been heightened much more than I realized...I'm pretty much over the whole thing with the cheater already. I let myself have a little cry about it over the weekend, but that was it. There was a time when I would have been crushed over this forevermore. It's so good to know that I'm getting a little smarter and a little stronger every day. Granted, there are still aspects of the whole situation that I wonder about but I know that all I'm really required to understand is that he is a deceitful jerk. I wasn't the first, I won't be the last, and I can't look out for his girlfriend. I did my part by giving her the information. What she decided to do with it is her concern. He doesn't get to play me anymore, and that is what matters. I did decide to send him one very concise message and say what I needed to say to him, though. There were no questions or accusations and I didn't call him names or rant about how angry I was or how much he'd hurt me or anything of that sort - what would be the point? He doesn't care about any of that, anyway, and I'm not about being immature, wasting energy, or giving him power over me. But I found a way to get myself some closure by speaking to him on a level that he will hear and understand.

In the meantime, it also didn't take long for new prospects to pop up and take the place of those now stricken from my list of potential dates. It's amusing, really, when you look at it. I got an email out of the blue from a guy I haven't heard from in weeks, inviting me to dinner this past weekend...or was it the weekend before? Have I mentioned this already? Anyway, I declined...but I'm wondering what I have to lose by actually taking him up on it. You never know, right? I also got a facebook message from another guy I haven't heard from in forever...his story is a little different though. We had been chatting for a bit but hadn't actually met when he got himself a girlfriend...they broke up recently and now I'm looking like a good candidate for a rebound, I suppose. After all, we've already been in contact so that lessens the work required, right? There is also a new 26 year old (seems to be a popular age these days) who contacted me on the dating site (well, there have been others as well, but he is in the lead so far by way of being able to compose actual sentences complete with proper spelling and punctuation. The grammar I can forgive somewhat, as I take liberties with it myself from time to time). It's nice that he seems very forthcoming with information about himself so far, but at the same time, his messages are all about offering detailed information I haven't requested and not really asking much about me. Hmm...

On another note, yesterday I felt a euphoria I haven't experienced in some time and it was awesome. The littlest things sometimes make all the difference to a day, I have to say. This was initiated first by running into my best friend unexpectedly after a brutally exhausting day teaching a particularly demanding primary class. I then came home, checked my phone, and got voicemail from an assistant principal who was looking to book me for Thursday and Friday. And in those moments, I was just so incredibly happy and thankful. The sun was shining and I got in my car and drove across town with the biggest beaming smile on my face, revelling in the freedom and lightness I was experiencing inside...and it wasn't only work, money, and friendship related.

At the risk of rambling and coming across as a total crackpot, I will attempt to describe and explain:

I started reflecting on recent events and it seemed to me that the universe has, indeed, decided to start aligning things in my path. A friend of mine has been telling me for months that I am going places and I actually do feel that in my soul and in my bones from time to time. Yesterday it was strong...it felt as though the things I want are getting closer to my reach. That I am on the right path. That I have been making the right choices and have finally solidified myself, in a sense. I know who I am and I embrace it...all of me, not just pieces. In fact, I love me and I'm very proud of me. I am more myself than I have ever been and that has taken a lifetime to accomplish. I cannot begin to tell you how far I've come from being the shy, nervous, scared, insecure girl with zero confidence that I was...gullible, naive, unable to look in the mirror, afraid to stand up for herself...to the woman I am today. It's been quite a transformation and it was a very long and bumpy road, but it is SO GOOD to finally be here with so much more strength and awareness and self-worth. I actually felt yesterday that I was being rewarded for finally being true to myself...for opening, seeing, appreciating, learning, growing, and taking action in my life in so many ways after being somehow stagnant for what felt like an eternity. For being able to take a hit, deal with it quickly and effectively in a way that I'm satisfied with, and let go. For doing the right thing. And I have to admit, it also felt damned liberating and uplifting - refreshing! - to realize that I wasn't stewing or pining or even really genuinely INTERESTED in any man right now. Yep...I'm definitely getting there!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Amongst The Ashes

The cheater signed onto the online dating site yesterday at the same time I was logged in and I saw that he closed his account. For some reason, that messed me up as much as when I first discovered he may have a girlfriend. I guess it just set off a chain of thoughts wondering what had happened after I'd given the girlfriend the heads up. I started to ponder whether I'd gone about things the right way...whether I should have confronted him myself as well instead of letting the girlfriend have the satisfaction (for lack of a better word) all to herself (although that's a toss up because blindsiding him had it's perks as well), whether I should have offered proof (which I have) other than my word, whether I should have asked her to call me instead of giving snippets of information online, whether she actually left him or decided to stay, what his thoughts had been once he realized what I'd done...and on and on. It was a vicious, fruitless, cycle but I couldn't help it. It just made me relive my own experience in her shoes and mull over my own course of action at that time and how I learned the hard way that it wasn't the way to go. Having my ex show me his accounts and close/delete them (the dating profile plus numerous email addresses) in front of me proved nothing. Nor did him giving me the password to his one remaining account. Because, as I realized once the anger and hurt and disgust subsided enough to allow rational thought, he could go ahead and set up a bunch of other ones at any time and I would never know. So it was a pointless, futile exercise and did nothing to restore my trust and faith in him. It took years to piece some of that trust and faith back together, and it was never quite whole again...the littlest things triggered doubts and suspicions sometimes, which was followed by the ceaseless internal battle: was I being paranoid out of my fear of being burned again or were my instincts trying to tell me something still wasn't right? I should have stuck to my initial reaction - I already had his bags packed by the time he got home, after all.

I have to keep telling myself that I did the right thing and that whatever happened afterwards has nothing to do with me and has no bearing on my life. You can only lead a horse to water...you can't make it drink. I wonder what she'd think if she knew he told me he's never been in love...or whether he was able to talk himself out of the fact that he told me he'd had sex with an ex recently and had been seeing someone this past summer...? The bottom line is I gave her enough information to bury him. What she decides to do with it is out of my hands. I admit, I was really hoping the S.O.B would end up miserable and alone out of it, but again, what would it matter? Firstly, someone who could be the way he was with me while having a long term girlfriend the whole time obviously has no conscience and probably no heart, either. Secondly, as a friend of mine pointed out, being in a relationship and cheating on the person he's with kinda makes him as alone as you can get already. And as I realized myself, he is such a smooth operator that any alone time most likely wouldn't last long anyways. He'd be back on the horse and making new victims in no time. I wanted to believe him up to the very end because I liked him so much and didn't want to shatter the illusion of who I thought he was and the potential of what we could possibly have, so I can only imagine how much worse that must be for her, having been with him for a longer period of time and invested so much into the relationship already. I'm thankful that I found out before I got too emotionally involved myself. It's always better to find out someone is not to be trusted sooner rather than later. The sad things is, despite everything, part of me will miss him...well, miss who I thought he was anyway...the witty, intelligent, funny guy I conversed and bantered with daily and who I happened to share some mad physical attraction and chemistry with as well. Of course, all I have to do is remind myself that he is a lying, cheating, manipulating jerk who played me as well as his girlfriend and that dissipates quite a bit. I'm sure I'll get over this pretty quickly. If nothing else, he doesn't deserve my thoughts and energy.

On another note, I was overtired last night and said something I shouldn't have to the (so far, apparently) super nice new guy...I hope it doesn't have too big of an impact. It would suck if he is legitimately a good guy and being messed up over a jerk caused me to scare him off...

...and because it does such a good job of expressing the thoughts and emotions experienced by the parties navigating these types of situations, I leave you with:

Friday, March 4, 2011


The air has been cleared in a sense...I had a conversation with the skilled liar/cheat/manipulator's girlfriend and informed her of what I knew (the basic facts, minus hurtful details) and the role I had unwittingly played in his deception. He picked the wrong girl to lie to, this time. I would love to be a fly on the wall for what happens next, but all I can do is hope she is smarter than I was in my past relationship and leaves right away instead of giving him the opportunity to "learn from his mistakes" (ie hone his skills) and do it again without getting caught. Either way, I did what I could to right the wrong and I suppose I will just have to be satisfied with that. She did make a comment to the effect that he is now single, however. I have to say, I'm very sorry that someone got hurt (well myself and the girlfriend, to be exact... I'm not sure whether he actually has a heart.) but I also have to admit that there is a certain grim, smug (bitter?) satisfaction that comes from playing the player. How DARE he insult my intelligence and take advantage of my trusting nature. It's just a sad realization that while I may have put the kibosh on his current activities (maybe, perhaps...), he will most likely go on to do this to other women in the future. You know what they say..."Once a cheater..."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Restlessness and Ramblings

I'm currently sitting on my couch feeling rather restless. I'm not quite sure what to be doing with myself at the moment. I am not a fan of that feeling...so, but of course, I turned to writing.

I worked everyday this week and will be working again tomorrow, which is awesome. Today was a bit of a challenge, but I got through it. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. Either way, it's just good to be working, feeling useful, and making money.

...and I just got distracted by an article on the NTV news...someone bought a lock of Justin Bieber's hair for $40 000. Are you freaking kidding me? That's insane! Bonus for the charity the money is going to, I suppose, but I cannot understand how/why people would throw money around like that on something so silly. Why in the world would you want a lock of Justin Bieber's hair?!?!? It's beyond me...

Back to my world...the latest unwanted drama has become a waiting game and I am wondering how it will turn out. My stomach is in knots in the meantime. It's so hard to wait when you just want something to be resolved so you can let it go and be done with it. I suppose I could just ignore it and pretend it doesn't bother me, but it does. I've been on the reverse side of this situation - existing in the midst of so many lies and so much suspicion with eyes half open for so long, hoping against hope that I was wrong. The feeling/sensing but not knowing was an extended mental and emotional torture I could have done without. I hope I go about this the right way...

I also recently met one of the nicest guys who has ever crossed my path...at least that's what he appears to be so far. Only time will tell if that is a legitimate impression. I hope it is...whether it goes anywhere or not. It would just be nice to know there are some legitimately good guys out there. Yes, I'm feeling a little bitter and disillusioned at the moment...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where There's One Lie...

Again, I will state that I would make a damn fine detective. And that my instincts are pretty good, even if I do reserve judgment and give people a chance - a lot of the time more than they deserve. As is the case here, folks. Remember the little white lies I mentioned previously? Well a little careful observation and browsing facebook et voila - it appears the liar in question WAS covering up something more. Like the fact that he's in a relationship....and has been seeing me (albeit casually). Now, the question is how to handle this information. I am one angry lady at the moment, but I think I will sleep on it and decide later what shall be done. This man once told me that he got the vibe that I am potentially dangerous...I am tempted to prove him right.

I am extremely disappointed. In so many ways, and on so many levels...