Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Crows (and Republic of Doyle, Episode 5)

I've been really busy with rehearsals and performances of late, and have therefore been neglecting the blog. However, I thought I would post a quickie tonight before heading to the bunk here in a bit.

If you haven't seen this, I recommend you watch it. I haven't been able to look at crows the same way since. It never occurred to me to consider their intelligence and I never dreamt they could be so crafty. On the one hand, this program was very informative and it was extremely cool. On the other hand, to think of how watchful crows are and to now realize that there is a thought process going on behind those cold, hard stares has resulted in them totally creeping me out now!

And now, on to my reactions to episode 5 of R.O.D....

I was a little more interested in the story again this time around, which was a good thing. I thought some of the stuff with Nicki was overdone. I was a bit disappointed that Jake and Cst. Bennett were making out at the end (still too soon), although it was good to maybe see a light at the end of the tunnel of what is fast becoming the Jake/Nicki annoyance. Tinny was tolerable. I am intrigued to find out what's up with Rose's mail (in particular, what came from the jail). I got a kick out of the line about Des being from Gander and the shot Malachy took near the beginning of the episode about skeets (both totally inside jokes thrown in for the native Newfoundlanders and Labradorians). I enjoyed seeing St. Pierre et Miquelon. I'm not sure yet what to make of Gordon Pinsent's performance, but I enjoyed the scene with the gun on the table between him on one side and Jake and Malachy on the other. I did not enjoy Mark Critch(?)'s character (I'm not sure if I got that looked like Mark Critch to me though...)at all...and the rest I'm going to have to sleep on and maybe come back to later...

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