Thursday, January 28, 2010

Theatre, Choir, and Republic of Doyle

Just a quick post before bed (so please forgive me if there are any errors or it otherwise doesn't read well)...

Updates on my life: I found out yesterday that I have managed to land one of the more significant roles in the local theatre's upcoming production, and I went to the last choir rehearsal before our Olympic torch relay performance tonight.

Update on TV-land: I am happy to say that episode 4 hooked me within a couple of minutes and kept me interested until the end. Yay! They got it right! I thought there was an excellent dose of intensity and suspense in the mix tonight. Rose was great, I was glad to see (what felt like, at least) considerably less of Tinny (her appearances were an enhancement rather than a drawback for me this time...the whole less is more thing, I guess...), and I enjoyed seeing a little more of the constable's sassy side (although I wasn't a fan of what seemed to be a blatant come-on to Jake when she she asked him on the phone what he was willing to do to get a look at her files...that was taking it a smidge too far this early in the game for my taste). I must admit I was wondering for a bit where the pregnancy line was going...I wavered from buying that the test was Nikki's to speculating who else's it could have been (I briefly thought perhaps it may have been Tinny's). I'm glad the writer(s) decided not to make Jake a daddy right now, however I was not a fan of the very last few moments that ended the episode. I can't quite put my finger on what spoiled it for me at present, but something certainly did. My partner happened to comment that all the slang is going to confuse the rest of Canada, though (personally I think if might do them good to get a good dose of colourful speech to try and decipher), and I have to say that the split screen shots are annoying as crap. I'm not sure what the issue is, but every time they show one the volume goes wonky (or at least it does on our TV when we watch it).


  1. I liked the episode too.

    I still find the mysteries a little transparent -- its always the character who doesn't serve any apparent purpose in the plot.

    I do like the split-screen but, I'm sure I wouldn't if I noticed any volume problems.

    I'm not a huge fan of the way they use the slang phrases. Occasionally, it seems a little unnatural to me... this might be another occasion where 'less is more' I'm sure many will disagree.

    I will tune in for episode 5.

    PS. Congrats on landing the role!

  2. Agreed on the transparency, visually agreed on the split-screen (although my ears continue to detest it...the person on the right? always sounds louder than previously and the person on the left? always becomes barely more than a whisper, so it is hard to follow the conversations). The slang is sometimes a bit much...I try to think about it in context and imagine what I would be hearing if I were at home...hard to gauge after so long away and not sure if it's always quite necessary. I will be back next week as well. And thanks for the congrats :)

  3. I'm enjoying the Republic as well, but I have to agree with y'all on the transparency of the mysteries. They feel a little bit like the old Scooby Doo cartoons. I'm enjoying the slang, the accents and the magnificent shots of St. John's. I'll watch the show as long as they are being aired.... but I'll enjoy it more if they tighten up the writing.

  4. Episode 4 clinched it for me, too.

    And it's not slang, it's dialect! ;)

  5. Touché on the 'slang' Annonymous.