Monday, May 23, 2011

Conversations at the Counter

The other day I went to the gas station to fill up my car. As soon as I paid, the lady behind the counter (who happens to be an acquaintance of my's a small town...) said to me with a smile, "So, any plan to have any babies anytime soon? I think your Mom is wanting to be a grandmother now." Needless to say, I was a little taken aback. I replied, "Well I guess I kind of have to find someone first, and there aren't any prospects on the horizon these days!" accompanied with a token laugh. "Oh," she said, "I'm sorry...I didn't know..." "It's OK," I responded, trying to ease her awkwardness, "I left my boyfriend over a year ago. It just didn't work out." She gave me that half-pitying look reserved for the 30 and up crowd who are still un-hitched and I continued on, "Well I'd rather be with the right one and he wasn't it, so..." "Yes," she reluctantly agreed, "I s'pose you got to find the right one first, eh maid..."

Sometimes it's great to know you're single and all your options are still open. Sometimes it also sucks to be caught unawares and reminded of what you don't have and how you don't fit with society's expectations. However, I'd still rather be in this boat than sailing downstream without a paddle chained to a man who isn't right for me and possibly with a few kids in tow...I'd take freedom over that any day, as lonely and boring as it may be sometimes when nothing is certain and nothing seems to be happening.

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