Thursday, July 21, 2011

Strange Propositions

A couple of days ago I got a message on the dating was an offer to strip for me...or for me and my friends, if I'd prefer - for free, of course...the fulfillment of someone else's fantasy. I started to reflect on other questions and offers I've received over the past - what? - year now. There was the request to be in a threesome with a man and his wife, the query as to whether I'd be down with gagging a man with my bare hands, the countless married or otherwise attached men looking for discreet fun, the man who told me to run in the other direction because he is addicted to porn...and on and on...Which got me thinking: do the people who share these things so quickly with random strangers ever actually intend to act on them? Or is the thrill in the shock value of the message itself and the possibility of some online interaction based around the imagined scenario? Seriously...Newfoundland and St. John's are not exactly big, densely populated places. Chances are, if you acted on those things you wouldn't be able to keep the encounters anonymous or secret for long, if at all. People might want to consider that before sharing too much info on the net...just sayin'...


  1. I had such a good laugh reading this, thank you! You don't even have to go on the web, the stories I hear around the bay just from car-spotting the 'sinners' would make your hair curl! NL is too too tiny to get away with much!!
    As to these fetishes, etc., was it ever thus, I wonder, some poor soul hoping to meet others of the same ilk or, as you say, just in it for the so-called shock value.
    All kinds.

  2. You are very welcome WWW - always glad to provide comic relief ;) There are, indeed, lots of stories to be heard from the local gossips lol. I've been experiencing that over the past couple of weeks whilst visiting the fam...interesting, to be sure...