Saturday, March 17, 2012

Two Things

1. I think I may be finally ready to love again and I kinda miss being in love. I actually found myself feeling envious over pictures of a teenage romance posted on facebook yesterday...she looks stunningly beautiful and blissfully happy and he looks like he adores her more than anyone or anything he has ever encountered. He also made some of the cutest, warmest, most genuine comments ever underneath those pictures. It's so sweet. I hope it works out for them.

2. Probably one of the biggest and best, most freeing lessons I learned over the past year, summed up in a Jason Mraz song:


  1. Glad that you're moved on BG and are ready to take such a big step. Bad news - I'm already spoken for :) I know, I know this is disappointing, but I'm happily in love with the same gal for over 25 years. We meet in our early twenties and I - well she really - lucked out :) I remind her on a daily basis.

    Do we say "I love you" everyday? Of course not. That's But it's those subtle things - finishing each other's sentences, cooking together and knowing who does what, our love for our boys, etc; that's so great.

    And one thing that works for us is my somewhat demented sense or humour. Sometimes when things aren't going great - a long day at work, visiting in-laws - cracking a joke works wonders. Like any relationship sometimes things get tense and we argue. (Any couple who says they don't argue is full of shit or shouldn't be together) But in the heat of an argument, a sense of humour (and putting things in perspective) goes a long way.

    All the best in your new endeavors - Lord knows you're earned it. When you find that special someone, you'll know. I did.

  2. Thanks so much, Chris. Your comments made me smile :)

    I totally agree that a sense of humour is very important and that some arguing is normal and healthy. It's a matter of how that arguing is done, how often it occurs, and how it is resolved that make the difference. I also agree that I have paid my dues and the good things coming down the pipes are well deserved at this point. I really had to go through the process to get to this place, though. The mental shift has been incredible.

    Good to hear from you and thanks for the well wishes. I'm totally bummed that you are taken :( Hope all is well in your world ;-)

    Good to hear from you.

  3. Good luck Baygirl...I haven't been here in a while so am going to catch up on your posts. I'm now a single woman again too...and gosh...there is NOTHING in this city! All the good ones are taken......It will happen I guess in time.

  4. Haha are preaching to the choir, sister! I have definitely come to that conclusion a few times in the past two years. However, although there are somewhat slim pickings, there ARE still some good guys around. I think they are in hiding, but I'm hoping to entice one of them out into the open eventually :) Best of luck to you as well and glad you care to catch up. Happy reading! :)