Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bugs in My Ear

Firstly, I bravely surveyed the damage to date by stepping on the scale this morning. I have re-gained 1lb (Boyfriend gained 1.6). Not un-do-able, thankfully. I didn't check my measurements this week. The plan is to do as well as we can whilst out of town this weekend, but not be too hard on ourselves if we indulge a little. Back on track next week and hoping to start a new routine of daily morning walks with a friend.

Now, the bugs in my ear, you ask, what, pray tell, are they? Well, firstly, Boyfriend has it in his head to produce board games together. I am not quite sure what to make of this idea. He has already partially developed one and we did a mock up together of a second. He is very excited at the prospect and has been doing research into what's required. Secondly, I did a whole lotta cooking and baking in the past 48 hours and, as Boyfriend and I were eating our dinner/supper last night (depending where you are), he happened to nonchalantly point out that this could be a business for me: cooking for other people in some capacity. I didn't really pay it much heed at the time. It (in the form of Chef) came up as a possible option in the STRONG test I did recently as well and I dismissed it as something I like to do for family and friends in the comfort of my home and not something I had ever considered as a career. However, I mentioned the idea to a friend last night and she immediately jumped on it, added her spin on the idea (narrowing in on a certain clientele and certain methods), and said I should go for it if it's something I would enjoy - that there would be a huge demand for it and there are so many ways I could go about marketing myself etc etc etc. So, last night and this morning have found me actually contemplating this. Could it really work? Is it something I'd really want to do? I think, at the very least, I owe it to myself to look into it further and evaluate its potential as a side business, if nothing else. Then there is my beloved dream of writing. Forever on the back burner and never brought to fruition. Why is it that anything that requires some sort of risk scares the bejesus out of me to the point where I am stuck spinning my wheels in inaction?

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