Monday, July 22, 2013


So the other day I read something that invoked a maelstrom of memories, thoughts, and feelings. I started writing a post about it, but it became so long and ramble-y and disorganized that I abandoned it. I haven't been back here since...probably an avoidance thing. However, today I feel the need to at least get a few words down on the screen so that I don't disrupt my attempt at creating a routine too badly.

On that note, a few tidbits: The clean eating thing seems to be sticking so far. Yay! We had a couple of bumps to navigate last week and this weekend with the arrival of a friend's birthday celebration and the need to go out for a date night (which, I am happy to say, we managed to do for a measly $6 thanks to AirMiles). All-in-all, I don't think we did too badly...I had a couple of glasses of wine at the shindig and we both had a sampler (i.e. a sizable plate) of desserts, but we stuck to our veggie kebabs, baked sweet potato, turkey sausage, and steak meal plan in the midst of all the other goodies in circulation, which I happen to think is a small victory in itself! The movie was a different story: we both had diet Pepsi (I'm not sure what is the lesser of evils between the diet and the regular, but I wasn't in the mood to pump more sugar into my system), and we shared popcorn (but abstained from any type of topping, including the "buttery" pumped stuff). Again, not too bad I suppose, considering that before we would have totally gone for the buttery topping, Boyfriend would have had the regular pop, and we most likely would have had Twizzlers or Nibs or some form of chocolate on top of it. The challenges are not over, though. Tomorrow is Boyfriend's birthday and Thursday we are headed out of town to see family for a few days, which will include a cabin trip. I have already figured out the meal plan, but it requires a lot of preparation beforehand and how well we do with it in practice remains to be seen. I am also going to try and create a workout schedule for myself in the near future rather than just fitting things in here and there as the opportunity arises. Wish me luck!

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