Monday, August 5, 2013

My New Obsession

So, it seems the biggest thing I do with my time these days is prepare food. Yep, that's where the majority of it goes - between planning, cooking, baking, portioning, and cleaning up, it's a bit demanding. The upside is that I feel good about what I'm putting into my body (for the most part) and we don't see much food go to waste here: we buy exactly what we need and it gets used. There will be the odd time when some produce will find it's demise in the refrigerator, but it isn't often. I haven't fully decided whether or not to dive in to the cook-for-pay realm, but I have started pricing out some recipes to determine feasibility.

I've also renewed my commitment to get more regular exercise. Last night I did this video, which I found here. It's only 8ish minutes to do, but I felt it! My glutes are definitely hurting today!!

Pinterest has become a bit of an addiction for me, as well, of late. My new found passion for clean eating has translated into hours spent searching for delicious sounding eats. There are TONS. Inevitably, this leads to perusing the websites connected with the pins and so on and so forth and bookmarking the good stuff (and fitness stuff, too). 

I'm also rethinking the role dairy plays in my diet. I love the stuff, but I'm starting to see a connection since cutting it out for a couple of weeks: now that it's been re-introduced, the small patches of eczema on my hands seem to be flaring up; they were all but non-existent while abstaining. Hmmm.... 

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