Thursday, November 11, 2010

12 Reasons Living Solo Rocks

In random order:

1. You can prance around naked or in your undies whenever you want and for as long as you want without being questioned.

2. Your mess is your own.

3. When you clean up, it stays that way unless you mess it up.

4. There are no disagreements over bathroom time or storage space.

5. Things stay where you put them instead of magically disappearing and reappearing elsewhere.

6. There is no need to consider anyone else's preferences at meal time - make whatever you like and eat it whenever and wherever you like.

7. There are no clashes in taste or opinion when decorating your space.

8. You can sing as much and as loud as you'd like and dance around like a crazy lady with no one the wiser.

9. You can workout without negotiating for the space.

10. There are no annoying video game noises in the background at any time unless you want them to be.

11. The remote control, phone and computer are under your sole control.

12. You can get up and go to bed whenever you want without worrying about or being bothered by someone else.

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