Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boredom=The Devil

When I get in this frame of mind, I am not to be trusted. I make stupid, snap decisions (which are not my forte at the best of times) and kick myself for them later. For instance, I contact people I shouldn't contact. I am stuck in central and wanting so badly to just go back to town...but my mother insists I stay tonight because there is a lot of water on the roads from the incessant rain that has me trapped in the house. I cannot find anything with which to occupy my mind. Nothing is holding my attention. Reading is not doing it, there's no one I want to visit (my options are limited to family that live close by for the moment), I'm not in the mood for TV and I'm so sick of the Internet today. I'm restless. Severely. Frustrated. And bored out of my freaking head. I hate feeling like this. I so wish I had some friends nearby...Sigh...anyway...deep breaths.....the storm is sure to pass eventually and hopefully I'll find the necessary control to refrain from scathing myself too badly...I am my own worst enemy right now...


  1. “…and I'm so sick of the Internet today.” That better be the booze talking.

    ‘Cause like booze, the internet is the solution to - and cause of - all of life’s problems. (to paraphrase the great philosopher Homer…Simpson)

    You’re right about the boredom though. I’m stuck home on the DL with a nasty cold and I’m bored to tears. I don’t know how some people can voluntarily stay home and do nothing all day, everyday.

    Of course, the RDF isn’t helping either. Here’s to improved weather and improved moods!

    Chris - My Blog. My Rules.

    P.S. Not sure if it's your blog or mine., but I couldn't post using my Google account

  2. sorry to hear you are in the dumpster, BG, hopefully the rain will stop and you will be on your way. Shame you can't immerse in a good book like I do. I could ship you one if you like :-)

  3. Chris, thanks for the comment. You made me chuckle with the Homer Simpson reference :)

  4. Thank you for the offer WWW. Unfortunately, sometimes even books don't do it for me. Happy to say it has passed again for the time being and I'm able to enjoy the current reading again - The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I have a night out with the girls tomorrow as well, so that will no doubt help as well :)