Sunday, June 19, 2011

Silly Girl

So...I was on the dating site last night for the first time in ages. I received a message from someone I wasn't interested in and, after I read it, was about to sign out...and that's when I saw him. The Labradorian's picture popped up on my screen and I threw caution to the wind and said hello. We chatted back and forth for about an hour. Just run of the mill chit chat. I carefully avoided any mention of what happened before...and I closed out by telling him if he ever makes it up here he can look me up. He said he'd like that and told me to keep in touch....and that's where I should have left it. Instead, I wrote back and told him the ball was in his court if he wanted to keep in contact, mentioned that I'd still like to read some of his writing (he'd told me previously that he was working on a novel and asked if I'd be interested in having a look), told him I might end up anywhere (including Labrador) come September as I've been applying for jobs all over the province, and wished him a good night. Complete with a smiley face. I could have bitten my fingers off at the knuckle for not leaving well enough alone. But it gets worse. Today, after opening that up fresh, I reread some of our earlier correspondence and wondered anew what had happened and where it had gone wrong...then I sent him a facebook friend request. I told myself at the time that it was harmless and it didn't count as contact, but then I obsessed about this all day. Mostly due to boredom and lack of anything else to occupy my mind, I'm sure (I've been roaming the house like a caged animal for most of the past 24 hours), but nonetheless it made me feel weak and pathetic...and perhaps a tad insane. I mean I'm calm and rational and not really expecting anything in the way of a further response, but I so want to hear from him at the same time. I'm sure I'm not the only female who has ever put herself in this position, and it's not anything serious, by far...just silly. And I thought I had outgrown that. In fact, I'm shaking my head at myself as I write. But I just felt like I had to try...and that's not something I ever do once I cut contact with someone. It's usually finito sans encore. Sigh. Back to playing the waiting game, I suppose...although, surprisingly, as I was writing this, my phone notified me that the friend request has been accepted. One less thing to wonder about. Ugh. Thank goodness I'm working again tomorrow and won't have time to think about anything other than the demands of the classroom!

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