Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Car Woes

Have you ever been supposed to go somewhere or do something and had a niggling feeling that maybe you shouldn't? Such was the case with us on Monday evening...

We were due to go to theatre auditions and my partner said a few times that maybe we shouldn't go. I was of the opinion that we had said we were going and so we had better show up...however, as the day wore on and we ended up a tad behind schedule, I was inclined to wonder if perhaps he was right and we should just stay home. In any case, we plodded on and made our way to the theatre (arriving more than a little fashionably late) and got through the audition process (me on the stage and him plotting possible lighting options for the play). Everything was pretty much wrapped up and we were just having a little chat with some other stragglers when a couple that had left a few minutes before returned to let us know they had backed into our car in the parking lot. Sigh...sometimes you should just go with your instincts.

We went out to survey the damage (the other couple felt really bad and we did our best to make it as painless as we could for them) and, of course, it was the front bumper that we had replaced the winter before last that had fallen victim (along with one of the front fenders).

Since they requested to pay for repairs themselves instead of going through insurance, we agreed that we would get some quotes and get back to them. Out of the three places we have gone, there is a range of about $1000 between estimates. Crazy.

Tonight we get to break the news that it will be a two day job and, since we only have one vehicle and I am on call, we will also be needing a rental. I hate having to be the bearer of news like that and neither of us is good at delivering it (I don't know if it is really possible for anyone to be good at that). I am hoping it will go smoothly and this will continue to be an easy transaction, but one can never tell. I'd say I am keeping my fingers crossed but that would be intensely uncomfortable for me right now, since I also managed to bruise my fingers at choir last night while practicing for our performance of the Olympic torch song later in the week (we are doing the insane clapping/slapping and stomping SATB version)...perhaps a few of you could cross yours for me?


  1. That's a drag. Good luck with it, just be honest with the final figure, but at least you tried to get the best quote.

  2. Thanks. We mutually agreed to arrange for them to pay the body shop directly for the work in advance. I actually felt really bad even having to give them the figures...they are not pretty :(