Thursday, January 7, 2010

Republic of Doyle

Well, I just finished watching (well about half an hour ago now, I suppose) and logged in to give my 2 cents worth when I noticed that Townie had beat me to it. Being that he is in a different time zone and probably got to watch it first, I guess it's not that surprising. I actually don't have a big lot to say about it, but I will give my opinion before I go read his take on it (which is probably more comprehensive, as he has titled his post a 'review') so that his views don't end up influencing mine...

So, here goes...I enjoyed the first show. Could it have been better? Yes. Was it worth watching again? Also yes. I like the lead characters, it was great to see and hear shades of home on national TV, and it was entertaining. I was surprised to see Shaun Majumder on there and it was interesting to see him play Benjamin, as I haven't seen him do that sort of character before....I'm not sure how I felt about his performance yet, though. Not that it really matters, it was just a guest appearance as far as I know. The music was somewhat catchy, the writing and editing could stand to be tightened up, the preview of the next episode looks promising and I intend to watch it again (with hopes that its weaknesses will be addressed and improved on over time). All in all, not a bad start. Kudos to all those involved!

.....Did I mention it was good to see glimpses of the island (well of "town" anyway) and to hear the accent and snippets of familiar expressions? :-)

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my site, and just a heads up, don't take anything I ever say seriously. :) Awesome to see a fellow bay girl, and I'm with you on Majumber's performance. I like him better as a funny guy, I think. Anyway, I'll do my own review later, I think.